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The Top 5 Water Damage Causes to Be Aware of

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Pooling water in places where it should not be is a cause of damage. You shouldn’t close your eyes when you have complications. Countermeasures against pooling or leakage can be taken if the cause is found. Carpet Water Damage Cleaned and Restored North Shore & Northern Beaches providers can help you to identify the issue and stop it before the damage is done. The sooner you discover the problem, the less extraction is required. You can return home faster and save time.

Many factors can cause damage. Water damage can be caused by leaking roofs, blocked toilets, damaged pipes, overloaded washing machines, and cracks in foundations. Winter freezes can also cause pipes to burst, resulting in basement flooding. People make the mistake of assuming there’s no water damage until they become compulsive. It is important to clean up water damage immediately in order for carpets, clothing and other items that have been soaked with liquid to be saved.

Below are some of the causes and effects of water damage.

Plumbing problems

Plumbing problems are caused by hoses and pipe joints that have not been properly attached. Old plumbing can be a major source of damage in older homes. It is not always easy to identify these plumbing problems. Experts can detect the problem as quickly as possible.

Toilet Runs & Pipe Leaks

The cold weather can cause the pipes to freeze and burst in a matter of hours. It is therefore the most common cause of water damage. It is irritating to have the toilet constantly running, but if it leaks, you can ruin your walls and floors. The only way to solve a dangerous situation is by inspecting and repairing it immediately.

Washing Machine Malfunction

The washing machine is constantly filled by water pressure. The connection between the machine and pipes can be broken by overloaded pressure. The sudden rupture of the pipe can turn your laundry into a flood area that could lead to mold growth.

Basement alarms

Attics and crawl spaces are more susceptible to damage. This allows mold to grow in the pipes built into walls, causing basement leaks. Air leaks between the attic and home section can cause moisture under your roof.

Natural Disasters

It is impossible to deny the devastating effects that floods, storms and heavy rains can have on your house. What you can do, however, is to take preventive steps in order to reduce the damage caused by storms and floods.

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